par hasard.

Today, my house started to scream when I opened the door, and nothing I did would make it stop crying. Therefore, I called my host mom and took her advice, which calmed him down in less then thirty seconds.
Oh, the many things one learns from age. I guess having four kids helps as well.

But I have learned that Belgians believe that drinking too much milk increases one's probability for cancer. I'm sure they'd take the Got Milk? campaign in the United States as propaganda glorifying death. So Belgians barely drink milk, yet my eyes still can't believe how many cigarrettes they see wedged between lips: red lips, full lips, dry lips, pale lips. All lips accessorized by a fashionable white stick, but I'm sure a white milk moustache would be much more ludacris.

Oh, society, how I love thee. I'm really not intending to convey cynicism right now, but I suppose that's what my fingers want to type. They feel so free and spirited on this QWERTY keyboard.

And by the way, at 13h15 on Saturday I'm going to take a train from Brussels to Paris, and I'll take one back to Brussels on Tuesday.
Paris, the city of lights.
With three other exchange students,
I'm going to Paris.
I really still can't grasp the concept yet. I guess when I see the Eiffel Tower from the view of my hostel, reality will set in.

A trip to the Catacombs for Halloween sounds just a bit more appeasing than "trick or treat."

Après Paris!



Anonymous October 29, 2010 at 11:29 PM  

where'd you get "belgians don't drink very much milk"?? my family drinks a TOOONNNNN of milk!! like 3 glasses a day or more no joke!

Anonymous October 30, 2010 at 12:06 PM  

Have fun in Paris!

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