namur: by foot, water, and air.

This past Saturday, Michelle and I were driven to the Ottignies station where we missed the first train, saw that the second was cancelled, waited as the third was delayed a half hour to finally make it to Namur for another Rotary event. Consequently, we were about 2 hours late, but it was kind of for the better: we missed the typically-longer-than-necessary speeches of the Rotarians and made it for interesting part of the day.

During lunch time, (which was about the time of our arrival) we, the pack of 100+ exchange students, were released from our cage to liberally explore Namur at our own disposal.

Savannah and Michelle got Australian ice-cream, which is the big franchise here, and we simply strolled around Namur, taking pictures and being the perfect tourists who actually have more of a purpose. There were a lot of small, unique shops and clothing stores in a smaller, central area, which made the city a lot more enjoyable for us than Brussels or the larger cities of Belgium.

After aimless wandering, around 2pm, we were all herded back together to then go on a boat tour of the Meuse river.

During the boat ride, all of the exchange students just talked and talked like usual, describing our time in Belgium so far and realizing how much we all have in common. Always, we can talk for hours and never see the minutes pass. Time never just wants to take a breather and hang around us for a bit; he's always just running away.

And then he made it to Sunday: I opened my eyes at 7:34am to then walk out the door 16 minutes later. My host mom dropped me off at my counselor's house which I left around 8:30am to then drive to Namur once more. Again, it was for Rotary, but not the exchange program. It was called "One Day in the Air" and it was to help less-fortunate (more or less mentally handicapped) children fly for the first time. Overall, it wasn't really what I expected since most of the kids who participated didn't have a disability (or at least one that I could realize). Though nonetheless, all of the kids left with smiles on their faces, so it was a successful day.


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