I love who I've become.

suis le soleil.

I feel so ... inspired.
So free, at ease.

I'm not sure if it's the sunshine,
or if I'm simply holding onto his words.

Suis le soleil 
Follow the sun

It's written on my hand, and it reminds me.
Do what I'll remember,
Do what will be illuminated by the sun and not lost in darkness.

Follow the sun for his light and for his smile.

Tell me what life is
and then tell me why not?

If we never went out of the lines
we would never know art.

Follow the sun
 the wind
 the music

Follow to stumble upon and not to search.
Wander in a rythym of liberties and mistakes.

Just tell me what life is.
And then tell me,
why not?

©Jordann Funk Photography

this is a blog

that you may find profound, deviant, or insipid.

It may teach you, inspire you and leave you lost in thought; or it may bore you and cause your eyes to drag slowly shut.

You may read it for an hour, or maybe not at all.

Maybe you'll get to know me, maybe in ways I don't even know me.

I left the United States in August 2010 as a Rotary exchange student. I'll leave Belgium in July 2011 as Jordann.

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I follow the sun.