les vacances de carnaval.

From the 5th to the 11th of March, I knew nothing but hours passed on trains and my camera’s game of focus.

Aachen, Germany: le 5 mars.
we pass a crippled train: his thoughts,
in blue jeans and a black baseball cap,
are searching these barren tracks,
in vain.

an Unwinding grey morning
of whites and weak colors watch
his absent gaze
as we dive into the sky,
we rise over an empty horizon

to only hide behind it again
and we Never,
stop to help.

We meet a man in a rabbit fur hat. His teeth, yellowed by the dull contrast of a grey beard, lend us a history book through English words a little rougher than normal.

The day was grey as we searched for colors eventually found in apartments and
those bloodshot eyes.
blue eyes.
an excellent musician.

you have une jolie tête
a pretty head, he said.

Chateau de la Hulpe, Le lac de Genval: le 6 mars
I lived in a memory
les tomates et basilic
of a misplaced picnic table in Turtle Creek
red plaid gardens watered in night,
wild in raspberries
and chocolate’s zucchini

round stolen colors roll in my palm
yellow-ish orange, orange-ish red
(those colors fallen leaves only imitate
in envy of my tastebuds)

the taste of tomato caprese.

Liège: le 7 mars
train toilets have become my throne
as we move and stop
only words in a stutter
of what should be done
or is it obligation?

how to dry your hands

and wash them: sanitation for its sake
security, fear
for longer years only moving and stopping
my words
our words in a
in a stutter

11h41: 2 hours and 13 minutes

Pittsburgh and back

Carnaval à Binche: le 8 mars
Oranges of gold
Gold oranges
Litter the street
And fill their bag

Teeth smile and sputter saliva of youth
And its civilization,
«Madame, Madame : Gardez le sac. »
« Votre montre, s’il vous plait.»

Coca cans kicked in cobblestone streets-

This is where we sleep.
And where we feast upon our
Oranges of gold,
Gold oranges

Lost:  le 9 mars

Lille, France : le 10 mars

Maastricht, the Netherlands : le 11 mars

Le 12 mars I bought daffodils to see her smile.


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